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Riythvika is the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 and Rs 50 lakh in prize money.



Riythvika, the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2, is an actress. The trophy and cash prize were presented to Riythvika by host and actor Kamal Haasan. Riythvika broke down and sobbed. She expressed her appreciation to the audience for their ongoing support.

Riythvika was considered one of the most likely contestants to win this reality show’s title. She received the most votes among the other finalists.

she is one of the most disciplined contestants throughout the season. Riythvika was a favourite inmate among the contestants.

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Riythvika was admired for her politeness and poise. She was also praised for remaining objective toward all contestants. At the same time, she wasn’t afraid to point out other people’s flaws.

Bigg boss vote winner season 2 rythvika
Bigg boss vote winner season 2 rythvika

The Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 premiered on June 17, 2018, hosted by Kamal Haasan. Following the grand premiere, 16 contestants from various backgrounds entered the house. Vijayalakshmi was the season’s only wild card entry.

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