Bigg Boss Tamil vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 3 is back with the end of season 2. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is the fresh reality show on Vijay Television in India season 3. Legendary actor Kamal Haasan hosted the season 1 and season 2 . Now its back with season 3 vote and online voting

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Sandy


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Sandy
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Sherin


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Sherin
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Mugen


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Mugen
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Losilya


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote  for Losilya

Your Bigg Boss Tamil Vote will be stored until the vijay tv elimination ends and cannot be deleted.

Full information on Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 3 are available here online. Big Boss Tamil show’s second season took place from June to October 2019. Every week there will be the Bigg Boss voting survey for eviction nominees.

Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Nominations
Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Nominations

The season 1 and 2 of the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote was a big hit and unforgettable as its host was the wonderful and legendary actor. Despite being busy with his newly-known political party and future films, he decided to host season 3 as it connects him with the audience.

It’s enough and now it’s time to talk to the participants of the Season 3 that will be officially proclaimed on the episode of welcome.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 3 house is revamped to new ideology and trend. Now its based on full Tamil culture. Check out below for inside Bigg boss vote.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 3 Inside House

Bigg Boss Tamil season 3

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote : Bigg Boss Reality show in all three dialects, namely Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, is presently taking place at a quick hop. Being a reality show Tamils are very worried to watch the internet Show of g Boss Tamil Vote . You may have had the understanding of Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting if you’re one of the Bigg Boss Tamil Show listener.

Bigg Boss tamil vote list of contestants
Bigg Boss tamil vote list of contestants

Kamal Haasan is the backbone of Bigg Boss Tamil who plays the hosting position for this show as a famous actor. Now the second season of the Big Boss Tamil series is going on and on Star Vijay TV channel it is being broadcast. The contestants in the Bigg Boss Tamil show will be morally based on the nominations the co-contestants and the audience specify. The first season has been hosted by Kamal Hassan and season 2 as well.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Timings:

  • Show : Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • Season : 3
  • Language : Tamil
  • Channel : Star Vijay
  • Timings : Everyday : 9.30 Pm – 11 Pm

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants list

The premiere episode of Bigg Boss vote unveiled the bigg boss season 3 vote contestants who will participate within the reality show. Here are all of them. For Detailed contestants list and professions here it is.

NameContestant TypeOccupationDay Entered
Fathima Babu Vote Original Actress and News Reader 0
Losliya Mariyanesan Vote Original Sri lanka Tamil news reader0
Sakshi Agarwal vote Original Movie actress0
Madhumitha vote Original Actress and comedian0
Kavin vote Original Actor in Movie and Television series0
Abhirami Original An Model, Television actress, and Miss Tamil nadu0
Saravanan Original Movie actor and director in old movies0
Vanitha Vijayakumar Original Movie actress, daughter of actors Manjula and Vijayakumar 0
Cheran Original Movie director, movie actor, film producer 0
Sherin Original Fashon Model , Movie actress 0
Mohan Vaidya Original singer in Carnatic , dancer in classical , brother of veena player Rajhesh Vaidhya0
Tharshan Original Tamil movie actor in sri lanka, Fashion model0
Sandy Original Dancer master, choreographer for movies, comedian in bigg boss vote0
Mugen Rao Original Tamil singer in Malaysian , Fashon model0
Reshma Pasupuleti Original Air-hostess Indian American , Tv and Movie actress0
Meera Mitun Original Model and movie actress2

How to Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – season 3

Step 1 : Search Google “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote ” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote voting” .
Step 2 : Google result will show nominated Tamil vote contestants.
Step 3 : Sign in to your gmail account if not signed in and proceed step 1
Step 4 : Choose the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote contestant whom to be vote and saved from eviction.
Step 5 : Poll him/her Your vote and submit.

Note : Votes will be stored until Friday of each nominated week.

How to vote through Hotstar App

Bigg boss voting steps through hotstar
Bigg boss voting steps through hotstar
  1. Open Hotstar App with your Mobile number or Email ID. Click on banner Bigg boss Tamil season 3 page.
  2. Bigg Boss Tamil page will appear and below banner there is ‘vote’ button.
  3. After clicking Vote Button, you will able to see nominated contestants. Pick the contestant and cast your vote.
  4. Per day each person can vote 50 votes using Email and mobile number and save it.
  5. Through Hotstar or online voting you can vote 50 per day and via mobile 10 votes per day. Find below for mobile numbers
Bigg Boss Hotstar Steps to vote season 3 tamil
Bigg Boss Hotstar Steps to vote season 3 tamil

How to save your favorite contestant from Bigg boss vote elimination

Meera Mitun, Madhumitha,Saravanan and Vanitha, Mohan faces elimination Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 3 show. Save your Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestants in coming steps.

In the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 2 and 1 tamil vote, the viewers had the opportunity to cast their vote on Google website, but this time the channel has removed the option. The viewers can now cast their vote only on the Hotstar app or through missed call. Below are the missed call numbers to save contestant from elimination.

Cheran836 7796 802
Fathima Babu836 7796 803
Kavin Raj836 7796 804
Madhumitha836 7796 806
Meera Mithun836 7796 816
Sakshi Agarwal836 7796 810
Saravanan836 7796 812

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 3 Show Overview:

The summary of the reality show’ Bigg Boss Tamil’ is that a number of contestants will also be called companions that they sent to a well-furnished house and they will have to stay there for a number of days (100 days).This reality show also demonstrates their interest, their friendship, the struggle between the contestants, their anger, their love and many emotional things that are happening in their homes.

On each week of the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show, one of the contestants was eliminated from the program viewers through the inside housemates nomination process and voting system. The Bigg Boss Tamil Vote housemate who receives the least amount of votes in the Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Online process will be eliminated for that week.

From there every week there will be a constant method followed by internet nomination and elimination of Bigg Boss Tamil Voting.
The last 2 contestants who left over the elimination process will be announced as the winner (the one who gets the most votes in the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote) and will be declared as the reality show runner-up.

How does the elimination process happen?

Every week the elimination method will result in the elimination of the contestant who receives less votes than the only contestant who receives more votes.

  • Let’s take contestant 1, contestant 2, contestant 3, contestant 4 are in this week’s elimination phase.
  • Contestant 3 gets low votes and all other contestants get more votes than contestant 3 implies, then contestant 3 gets eliminated with low votes.
  • The contestants eliminated can no longer remain inside the house. They’re going to be sent out with their luggage.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Season Contestants to vote

Bigg boss tamil winner season 1 and season 2

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 1 and season 2 a massive hit, because it a fresh and new show to the Tamil peoples. Because of oviya army and julie, gayatri controversy creates more popularity for the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 1 Winner – AArav
Season 1 Runner of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is – Snehan
Champion of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote and Season 2 is – Rithvika
The other girl of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 2 Runner is – Aishwarya

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Sandy is winner


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