Bigg Boss Tamil – Season 3, Online Voting, Contestants, Eviction

Bigg Boss vote tamil Nominations and vote
Bigg Boss vote tamil Nominations and vote

Bigg Boss Tamil : Long awaited Big Boss Tamil Season 3 started and people will vote either through the Google online vote or through missed call numbers or through Hot-star App. The details relating to Big Boss Tamil Season 3 are often found below. Legendary Actor Kamal Hassan Hosting the show again.

bigg boss tamil promo season 3 vote

bigg boss tamil season 3 house is revamped to new ideology and trend. Now its based on full Tamil culture. Check out below for inside Bigg boss vote.

bigg boss tamil season 3 Inside House

bigg boss tamil season 3 highlights

bigg boss tamil season 3 house fully furnished, swimming pool with no water due to scarcity in chennai, air conditioned, decorated, it has two large bedroom capacity of 16 beds, kitchen area , living area, store room, smoking room, and four toilet bath rooms. There is a garden, activity area and gym in the Bigg boss vote house. This time house has a water meter and gas meter where contestant cannot use more than meter value.

There is additionally a Confession room, where the housemates could also be known any speech, and for the nomination method to face bigg boss voting process. The House has no TV association, no telephones, and no internet. If Any damages done by housemates they have to face bigg boss tamil method to save from eviction.

The premiere episode of Bigg Boss vote unveiled the bigg boss season 3 vote contestants who will participate within the reality show. Here are all of them. For Detailed contestants list and professions here it is.

bigg boss tamil house and vote rules

bigg boss tamil season 3 rules – Bigg boss vote show has a own rules and regulation to all contestants has to follow. Below are the rules that bigg boss house mates have to follow on house.

  • Housemates should not discuss the nomination process with another housemates they have to face public vote.
  • bigg boss tamil Housemates cannot leave the house illegal premises any time except when bigg boss permitted.
  • Tamil Housemates should not sleep in the day time until the show ends..
  • Bigg boss vote Housemates evicted directly as a not good performer or breaking some rules and by bigg boss tamil.
  • bigg boss tamil Housemates cannot enter in violence/attack with the any other housemates.
  • People who are not speaking in Tamil may also get less marks to get vote and eliminated.
  • Housemates should talk in their regional language like vote Tamil.

Meera Mitun, Madhumitha,Saravanan and Vanitha, Mohan faces elimination bigg boss tamil season 3 show. Save your Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestants in coming steps.

In the bigg boss tamil season 2 and 1 tamil vote, the viewers had the opportunity to cast their vote on Google website, but this time the channel has removed the option. The viewers can now cast their vote only on the Hotstar app or through missed call. Below are the missed call numbers to save contestant from elimination.

Bigg Boss Tamil – Season 3, Online Voting, Contestants, Eviction

Eviction Process on Bigg boss vote season 3

bigg boss tamil Eviction : Contestants nominated each week by their own housemates. People cast their vote in favor of the contestants they would like to save from bigg boss tamil eviction. The contestant with the least number of votes evicted from the bigg boss tamil house and season 3.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Weekly Nominations And Eliminations

Every week list of housemates nominated to face public voting and to continue to play Bigg boss vote vote game.

This Week Nominees : Meera Mitun, Madhumitha,Kavin, Director Cheran, Sakshi Agarwal, Saravanan and Fathima Babu faces elimination.
This Week Captain : Mohan Vaidya
This Week Bigg boss vote Luxury Budget Task :

Bigg boss tamil season 3 Hosts

Kamal Haasan is all set to return as the host of bigg boss tamil Season 3. The popular Tamil reality show’s first trailer is out where Kamal Haasan is Bigg Boss for its 3 season bigg boss tamil. The first trailer of Bigg Boss was released by Star Vijay, which features its host Kamal Haasan.

Kamal Haasan hosted the season 1 and season 2 of Bigg Boss vote , which was telecast-ed by Vijay Tv. It has variety of Bigg Boss Tamil and result shows on each state based on their language.

Bigg Boss Housemates Season 1 and Season 2

A number of bigg boss vote housemates live in a built in house and isolated from the rest of the people. Each week, housemates nominate two of their housemates for eviction, and the housemates who receives the most votes would face a bigg boss tamil.

Eventually, One housemate would leave after being “evicted” from the House based on vote. In the final week of show, there will be four contestant remaining, and the public will vote again using bigg boss vote for who they wanted to win. like other versions of bigg boss tamil, the Tamil version uses celebrities and famous people as housemates.

Bigg boss vote contestents season1
Bigg boss vote contestents season1
Bigg boss vote contestents season 2
Bigg boss vote contestents season 2

Bigg boss tamil winner season 1 and season 2

bigg boss tamil season 1 and season 2 a massive hit, because it a fresh and new show to the Tamil peoples. Because of oviya army and julie, gayatri controversy creates more popularity for the show.

Bigg boss vote Season 1 Winner – AArav
Bigg boss vote Season 1 Runner – Snehan
Bigg boss Season 2 Winner – Rithvika
Bigg boss Season 2 Runner – Aishwarya